Sea defences in Sutton on Sea are cause for concern

Sea defences in Sutton on Sea are showing signs of cracking.
Sea defences in Sutton on Sea are showing signs of cracking.

A town councillor from Sutton on Sea has sparked cause for concern after sea defences are starting to show cracks and rust.

Coun Ian Wild has expressed concern over the ‘strength and longevity’ of the sea walls along a 200m stretch located at the South side of the Sutton on Sea promenade.

As winter begins with the storm season likely during this time of year, Coun Wild explains this is a ‘further twist to the continued saga of the sand issues at Sutton on Sea’.

With the devastation that a breach in the sea wall would cause, Coun Wild is taking no chances and has called for this issue to discussed at the next town council meeting that is taking place Monday, October 21.

Coun Wild said: “This is not a problem that will go away in a hurry, nor will the crumbling buttresses.

“The high tides and winter weather are yet to come.”

East Lindsey District Council will carry out works to clear sand from the beach when machinery had caused some minor damage to the sea defences.

But a spokesman from ELDC said: “The District Council removes thousands of tonnes of windblown sand from the promenades along the coast each year.

“When doing so there is sometimes a small amount of wear and tear caused due to the need to use heavy machinery, including tractors and Bobcats.

“Any wear and tear is repaired.”

An Environment Agency spokesperson added: “We were made aware that minor damage had been caused to one small area of the sea wall in Sutton on Sea.

“We visited the wall and there was no structural damage and the level of flood protection was not affected.

“However, we have completed minor repairs that were seen on the sea wall.

“The flood defences at Sutton on Sea are a combination of hard defences, sand dunes and re-nourished beaches.

“And we have just completed the current round of restocking the beach with sand.”

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