Seal pup rescues expected from Donna Nook area after tidal surge aftermath

A grey seal pup born at Donna Nook.
A grey seal pup born at Donna Nook.

A number of newly born grey seal pups are expected to be rescued today after the tidal surge flooded parts of the Donna Nook area last night.

Teams from Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary were busy preparing its hospital for a possible influx of pups that may need help.

“I will be meeting with the head warden this afternoon to have a walk through and see which seals need help,” said Chloe Drew, director at the seal sanctuary.

“The fencing was cut last night to let out the seal pups so they didn’t drown,” Chloe added.

And The Wildlife Trust has confirmed that fencing and buildings were damaged but seal mortalities appeared low.

“Seal mortalities appear to be low but the seals are now dispersed throughout the sand dunes,” said a spokesperson.

The paths and tracks at all these sites may also be damaged, they said.

“Our thanks go to all the staff who were dealing with this unprecedented situation until late last night and again early this morning,” they explained,

“It is an ever changing situation and we will keep people appraised as and when we get more updated information,” they said.