Search for Billy Butlin and Skegness holiday camp memories

AN author who will be speaking at the upcoming Wolds Words Festival in Louth about Billy Butlin wants to find out more about the great man.

Kathryn Ferry has written a book on Holiday Camps and will be giving a talk about Billy Butlin, his Skegness camp and the history of holiday camps generally.

She said: “Doing my research on Butlin got me really fascinated in his life story – a real rags to riches tale if ever there was one. My next project will therefore be a new Butlin biography.

“I’d really love to talk to anyone who knew Butlin and I’m hoping there are still some people in your area who could tell me about what he was like, what drove him and perhaps about his family life which wasn’t as happy as might have been expected from the man who sold the quintessential ‘family holiday’.

“I know he first came to Skegness with his hoop-la stand and went on to start an amusement park so I’d love to hear more about that too.”

Kathryn can be contacted by email at or on 01342 315072.