Search on for Alford brewery tray by UK’s biggest collector

The tray.
The tray.

Have you got one of these brewery trays from Alford tucked away in the attic or garage?

If so we know a man who would like to get hold of it!

Richard Percival collects mainly pre-war bewery memorabilia including ceramic coasters, ashtrays, jugs, matchstrikers and bells.

However his biggest passion is collecting British brewery trays which pre-date 1970.

He said: “I have Britain’s, if not the world’s, largest collection of brewery trays totalling around 1,200 some of which date from the 1870’s. I have been collecting for over 30 years, 350 of my best trays are displayed in a converted barn in Leicestershire which is effectively a mini museum.

“The collection has recently appreared on BBC’s Antiques Road Trip.

“For two years I have painstakingly photographed and listed each and every tray on a website. The website name is

“The part that I have not completed is the manufacturers. Whilst researching this area I was shocked, surprised and excited to find out that a company called B.A.T Co Ltd manufactured a Lincolnshire tray that I have been chasing for 30 years!

“I was starting to convince myself that a tray from Soulby, Sons & Winch from Alford did not exist.

“The brewery actually owned 83 public houses before it’s takeover by J W Green Ltd in 1951, it was closed a year later.

“I would really like to add it to my collection. Can any reader help me?”

Email or call 01664 464883 or 07715 369540.