See policing from the inside with ‘ride along’ scheme


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go out on a police patrol?

Would you like to get a better idea of what Lincolnshire Police officers face in the course of a shift?

Have you ever criticised the police but want to understand better if the officers working on the ground are deserving of criticism?

The ride along scheme is for you!

Up and running since March 2016, the scheme has had 28 applicants who have been out with officers for both day and night patrols.

People of varying ages, male and female, from different jobs and backgrounds have taken up this fascinating opportunity.

Commenting on their experience, one participant said: “I was able to attend a wide range of calls which also raised a number of policing issues including the large amount of protocols that have to be followed in each individual case. Particularly the issues of risk assessing cases was something that interested me and made me more aware of the vast amount of work that has to be done.”

Another participant said: “It was interesting to see the differences in how the police officers could be treated. While there were some people that could be very hostile towards them, particularly when arrests were being made, it was also reassuring to see that many people were happy to talk to the officers and could be very friendly and helpful.”

The officers charged with taking the ride along scheme participants out are also finding it an enriching experience. One officer said: “I feel it will really help our public confidence/sympathy as currently Lincolnshire Police suffer an unusually negative perception despite all the recent reports highlighting the good work being done by the county.

“Anything that gives the public a dose of reality on how it actually works and more importantly what police officers in particular on response are expected to do.”

Police support staff are encouraged to go out with officers on a shift to give a full understanding of the organisation they work for. One member of staff said: “It was a roller coaster of emotions. It is something I will never forget. It was exhilarating and frightening in equal measure and surprisingly tedious in between.

“I came away with a deeper level of respect for what police officers do. We were entering situations that were totally different from one to the next and on each occasion they had to rely on such a bank of skills and training to resolve each of the issues they encountered.

“What really shocked me was that the officers seemed to get criticism and abuse when their overriding motivation only seemed to be to help. It takes a pretty determined person to put up with that day in day out. If this ride along scheme helps people get a better understanding of that, then it will be worth it.”

If you would like to take part in the Ride Along Scheme see further details here before sending an email to: stop& with your name, date of birth, address and a brief description of why you want to come out with the police. They hope to see you soon!