Shadow Minister supports libraries bid

Shadow Culture Secretary Helen Goodman has pledged her support to the campaign to save Lincolnshire’s libraries.

The MP for Bishop Auckland visited Lincoln last week to speak to campaigners who want to ensure that no libraries in the county are closed.

Ms Goodman said: “The Conservative-run Lincolnshire County Council action in closing three-quarters of libraries is disgraceful.

“Local libraries are central to our societies, offering a safe space for all.

“They are places where the unemployed can go to find job information, where children without computers can do their homework, and where social events for young and old take place.

“They are investments in our future through the communities they nurture and skills they foster.

“The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport has a legal duty to ensure that every local authority has a comprehensive and efficient library service.

“I have now written to the new Secretary of State demanding that he take action. Instead, his department is undertaking two reviews, even questioning the role of public libraries.

“Labour is committed to avoiding a postcode lottery; maintaining a core professional service; and modernising and strengthening the role of libraries in the knowledge economy.”