Singing for bees in Louth

As part of The Louth Festival of the Bees, A Concert for Bees is to be held in the Playgoers Studio Theatre, Riverhead, on Sunday May 26 at 4pm.

Tickets are £8 and are available at Off the Beaten Tracks in Aswell Street and from Royston’s Deli in Queen Street.

Or they can be ordered by phoning 01507 358413.

Hybrid Pollination is a contemporary classical cantata composed by Kelvin Thomson derived from his recently London premiered opera, Silence of the Bees: A Science Opera.

It uses the medium of opera to explore the plight of bees and the difficulties of communicating scientific ideas.

This is an exceptional opportunity to listen to a company of professional singers performing an exciting new work.

The performers are Patrick Ashcroft Tenor, Danae Eleni Soprano, Sophie Yelland Mezzo-Soprano, Andrew Refig Barritone and local and much loved soprano Kate Witney, with Wyn Hyland on piano.

There is more information about the concert and its performers at