Single ambulance will continue to serve Mablethorpe

Mablethorpe will continue to be served by a single ambulance under new proposals by the East Midlands Ambulance Service.

Steve Pratton, operational support manager for EMAS, also said it was likely Mablethorpe’s ‘standby point’ would be moved from the Marisco Centre to another site.

EMAS’ Being the Best plan proposes the use of 13 superhubs, the nearest being Skegness, and 131 Tactical Deployment Units, which would see many existing stations like Louth closed.

EMAS say Mablethorpe’s current post is too expensive to rent and are looking to move to a shared facility, possibly with other emergency services.

They have also defended their decision not to include Mablethorpe in the wave of consultation meetings being held across Lincolnshire.

“We haven’t had a specific consultation meeting in Mablethorpe but have welcomed anyone to the Skegness and Louth ones and have been happy to discuss Mablethorpe or anywhere else,” said Mr Pratton.

“The reason for this was down to expected attendance, time and the amount of public consultations we are having to do which has been sometimes two per day all over the East Midlands.”

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