Sir Peter Tapsell meets successful inventor from Louth

Sir Peter Tapsell, MP for Louth and Horncastle, has met with a local man whose innovative energy-saving invention has taken the UK by storm. Dennis Clark, managing director at Spire Window Systems on the Fairfield Industrial Estate, invented a new type of eco-friendly roof panel for conservatories.

On Friday, Sir Peter offered his congratulations to Dennis for the success of his new company, Thermotec Roofing Systems, which has led to 25 jobs being created across the country.

Dennis, 59, from South Elkington, came up with the unique panels three years ago while trying to solve the problem of conservatories losing heat, becoming too cold in the winter, and too hot in the summer.

He established the new company, and it has gone from strength to strength ever since, with sales increasing across the country.

Last January, Thermotec’s turnover was 12,300 per month on average. By November, it had risen to around 136,000 units per month, and Dennis is hoping for a turnover of around £2,000,000 this year.

Dennis said: “Normally, the problem is that conservatories can only be used for a few months of the year. Radiators cost a fortune, and most of the heat goes straight out of the roof.

“Thermotec is a fairly simple invention, and that is to take out the existing glazing and replace it with insultating panels.”

Thermotec’s unique design means that each panel is as effective as one foot of loft insultation.

Despite wishing to open a factory locally, Dennis said: “There is not much support for a factory here.

“It is down to the government to offer incentives for businesses, such as grants.”