Sir Peter Tapsell MP askes if spies are dangerously out of control

Sir Peter
Sir Peter
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Sir Peter Tapsell has raised the question of whether our spies are out of control.

Speaking the the Hosue of Commons the Louth and Horncastle MP said: “May I ask the Prime Minister whether he is of the opinion that the intelligence services of some countries may be dangerously out of political control? Is he confident that he is kept fully informed of all sensitive external initiatives taken by our services?”

David Cameron replied: “I do not want to break the rule of not commenting on intelligence issues, but to answer my right hon. Friend’s question as directly as I can, I have looked very carefully at the governance that we have in the UK for our intelligence services, the work of the Intelligence Services Commissioner and the Intelligence and Security Committee, and the oversight, particularly by the Home Secretary and the Foreign Secretary.

“I think we have a good system in our country, and to answer my right hon. Friend’s question, yes, I am fully involved in these decisions.”