Sir Peter Tapsell MP in Royal Kaiser coalition remark to Nick Clegg

Louth and Horncastle MP Sir Peter Tapsell made the House of Commons laugh with a remark about the Kaiser sitting on the throne of England.

The House was discussing the issue of changing royal succession, as at the moment a monarch is succeeded by his or her eldest son, even if there is an older daughter.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg had said: “Discussions with the other Commonwealth realms are ongoing, but legislation can be presented only when all the necessary arrangements are in place in all 16 Commonwealth nations.”

Sir Peter then said: “Will the Deputy Prime Minister - and the Prime Minister of New Zealand - bear in mind that, but for our law of male primogeniture, the German Kaiser would also have become King of England, which would have produced almost as interesting a coalition as the present one?”

Nick Clegg replied: “We always rely on my right honourable friend for such erudition and grasp of history, which he possesses but unfortunately I do not.”