Sir Peter Tapsell MP’s Syria ‘armageddon’ warning

Sir Peter
Sir Peter

Sir Peter Tapsell MP has warned of the consequences of military action in Syria leading to armageddon.

Speaking in the House of Commons, the Louth MP asked the Prime Minister: “As the Syrian tragedy has unfolded, I have always had the armageddon question in the back of my mind, which I shall now, in an understated form, put to the Prime Minister, if I may.

“If the Americans illegally bombard the Assad forces and Assad legally invites the Russians in to degrade the rebels, what will NATO do?”

David Cameron replied: “The first point that I would make to my right hon. Friend is that we would never support illegal action. We debated this at some length last week, and it is not the case that the only way action can be legal is a UN resolution. We would only support action that was legal and proportionate.

“As I have said, Britain would not be taking part in any of this action. In a way, we have to put the armageddon question round the other way, which is that if no action were taken following President Obama’s red line and this appalling use of chemical weapons, what sort of armageddon would the Syrian people face?”