Sky Living for Sports Leaders at Cordeaux Academy

Cordeaux Academy’s first group of Sky Living for Sports Leaders have visited into primary schools to lead sessions of sitting volleyball, starting with Grimoldby Primary School.

There were six Sports Leaders — Abbie Johnson led the way as a former pupil of Grimoldby, with fellow team mates Phoebe Drayton-Green and Amy Roberts. A second team was led by Ethan Broadbent, ably assisted by Callum Hinkins and Jack Flockton.

The Cordeaux students had 26 Grimoldby pupils to manage, sort into groups and teach in an hour long coaching session. They planned their own warm-ups, introductory activities and games.

They worked brilliantly as a team, and took it in turns leading activities. The main indicator for Cordeaux was how much the Grimoldby pupils enjoyed it and there was no doubt about that — they loved it!

Over the next four weeks the Sky Leaders will be going into eight different primary schools in small groups leading an hour long session on either goalball or sitting volleyball, two fantastic Paralympic sports.