SLIDESHOW: Winners of the Louth Photographic Society competition

Martin Joy recently judged the competition of digitally projected images at Louth Photographic Society, in the categories ‘Hubbards Hills’, ‘Patterns in Nature’ and ‘Open’.

To view our photo slideshow of the top three entries in each category, click on the slideshow above.

The winners for ‘Hubbards Hills’ were: 1/ Frosty Morning Walk, by Sue Pipe. 2/ Frosty Morning, by Graham Harrison. 3/ Lonely Bench, by Alan Hills.

'Red Squirrel' by Diane Seddon. EMN-150130-170643001

'Red Squirrel' by Diane Seddon. EMN-150130-170643001

The winners for ‘Patterns in Nature’ were: 1/ Water Bomb by Harry Scott. 2/ Comma Butterfly by Andy Greenfield. 3/ Red Cabbage by Pauline Hills.

The winners for ‘Open’ were: 1/ Red Squirrel by Diane Seddon. 2/. Long Tailed Tit by Diane Seddon. 3/ Pixie and Henry by Peter Allen.

• The Louth Photographic Society holds meetings at 7.30pm on Wednesdays, taking place at Church House, Upgate, Louth. Contact Les Ettridge on 01507 603481 for further information.