South Kesteven District Council responds to refugee crisis

Refugees paddling a rubber dinghy close to the beach at Psalidi near Kos Town, Kos, Greece
Refugees paddling a rubber dinghy close to the beach at Psalidi near Kos Town, Kos, Greece

During today’s full meeting of South Kesteven District Council, it was announced that they are part of a county-wide effort to find ways of supporting those refugees who will be settling in the UK.

In a speech to the council, leader of SKDC Bob Adams said: “I am sure we have all been touched by the tragic scenes reported in the media graphically illustrating the plight of the Syrian refugees. We all recognise that we need to look to see how we can in some way provide help and assistance.

“The UK Government has pledged support for those claiming asylum in this country by announcing that the UK will take 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next four and a half years.

“As a first step, joint work is already underway in Lincolnshire in response to the refugee crisis. A county-wide group has been established to coordinate the work led by the Director of Public Health with input from all Chief Executives or their representatives.

“We are keen to support the Government and will inform them of this and if our help is required the Home Office will make us aware of what support is needed and, together with our partners, we will play our part.

“Nationally and locally, there has been a great deal of support for the help our Government has offered the refugees. In addition to general messages of support many people have offered their time to volunteer.

“Organisations across the county, including district councils like ourselves, volunteer organisations and health services continue to discuss options for immediate support packages that would need to be in place for the refugees and also the longer term support needs including maters around health, housing and social care.

“We anticipate that the picture will become clearer over the next week and I will be updating members and liaising with you all as more information becomes available.”