South Somercotes girl is served up amazing opportunity by Jamie’s Italian

Lara Seamer has been served up an apprenticeship by Jamie's Italian in York.
Lara Seamer has been served up an apprenticeship by Jamie's Italian in York.

After battling her demons following a bout of depression - A South Somercotes girl has secured an apprenticeship at Jamie’s Italian in York.

Lara Seamer,18, struggled with depression after she got bullied by kids when she was in Year 8 at her local school which resulted in her closest friends turning against her.

In the year that followed, Lara was alone with no-one to talk to and became suicidal.

“I ended up being bullied at school and I was singled out from the other kids because I didn’t have expensive things - I was all alone with no friends to turn to which made me feel really depressed,” Lara explained.

Not taking any more, Lara’s parents took her out of the school and headed to Tollbar - from then on, Lara has completely turned her life around.

She added: “Moving to Tollbar was the best thing I could have done. I pressed ahead with my studies and passed my exams - but more importantly I made some amazing new friends who didn’t judge me.”

“The best advice I could give to anyone who is feeling like I did is to talk to people and remember that this is just one stage in life and it’s not your entire life. My mum says that if you hit rock bottom, the only way from there is up.”

Lara has always had a passion for art, but didn’t enjoy the course at college. So after working for a year at a french restaurant in Cleethorpes, her love for the food industry grew, and she applied for an apprenticeship at Jamie’s Italian.

The head chef in York was very impressed with her CV and experience, so following a trial day she went on recently, Lara has now been offered a two-year apprenticeship which she will start in September.

“To get the offer from Jamie’s Italian was incredible, it just doesn’t seem real, but I cannot wait to get started.”