Spire Chocolates team up with Jassies


Louth based Spire Chocolates, has teamed up with creative confectioners Jassies to offer a unique range of chocolate bars, available in the shop and online.

Lindsay Gardner, owner and chocolatier of Spire Chocolates, is very proud of the new and exclusive range which offers small and medium chocolate bars produced just for Jassies.

She said: “I’m delighted to be working with Jassies and have greatly enjoyed the process of creating their new range of chocolate products. It’s a pleasure to work with a company who are passionate about their products and dedicated to offering the best quality to their customers.”

“We needed a standard range of small bars to offer customers”, added Nick Heywood, owner of Jassies located in Pawnshop Passage. “There are some speciality bars available elsewhere in the town but as far as we are aware none are produced in these sizes and in these combinations, so we feel what we are doing is quite a niche. We worked very closely with Spire Chocolates to develop the range which has seen sales of in excess of 100 bars in the first few days of sale!”

Standard stocked flavours include the Polka Dot bar – a white chocolate bar with chocolate beans, the Poppawotnot Bar, a delicious milk chocolate bar with popping candy crust and a Fruitalicious bar containing large chunks of fruit and nut pieces.

Nick said: “One of our new bars, Mint Choc Rock is a milk chocolate bar with Jassies’ own mint rock pieces encased in it, that’s my personal favourite!”

In total there are 10 different chocolate bars, plus a white and milk chocolate ‘pawprint’ lollipop and Hot Chocolate Stirrers.

Nick is keen to develop the range further by producing a 500g Gift Bar to order. “Most people in the town are now aware that we can take any of our sweets and chocolates and blend them into milkshakes. We, along with Spire have taken the ‘Mix and Match’ concept one step further and we can now produce a 500g Gift Bar in either white, milk or dark chocolate and the customer can select two different sweets from our huge range of loose sweets to create a one-off bar. We have already taken our first order for a Gummi Bear and Popping Candy Bar!” Nick is confident that by being able to turn the Gift Bars around quickly, they will make very impressive gifts for chocolate lovers.

Spire Chocolates was founded in October 2012 and is supported by the Prince’s Trust.

Jassies recently won awards in am independent business competition run by the Louth Town Partnership.