Spy’s double life in Louth at centre of newly penned novel

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A local author’s newly written novel reveals the fascinating double life of a spy living in Louth during the 1978 nuclear missile crisis.

Jay Ramella, a publisher from Ranby, has penned Dipsora which tells the story of Keith Nash, a Russian spy who infiltrated Stenigot relay station.

His extraordinary alter-ego was married with two children in Louth, and when the seemingly imminent Russian invasion never arrives, his secret must be hidden forever.

The fascinating story, based in fact, exposes espionage, sabotage and intrigue.

The book, Jay’s first full-length novel,took seven months to finish, and a sequel is already well on the way to completion.

“I became increasingly interested in that period and the documents released 30 years later revealed how close we were to nuclear war,” said Jay.

“A big thanks to the book designer Maria Vincent.”

Jay will be signing copies of Dipsora in Wrights of Louth this Friday, from 10am. Dipsora is available in paperback or e-book form, at www.dipsora.com and at Wrights.