Stagecoach announces ‘above inflation’ price rise

BUS users in the local area look set to take a hit in the wallet after Stagecoach announced an inflation-busting price rise.

As of April 1, bus fares on Stagecoach journeys are set to rise by an average of five-and-a-half per cent - on the current inflation rate of 3.4 per cent.

Stagecoach has blamed the rise on sky-rocketing fuel prices and swingeing grant cuts by the government.

Announcing the fare rises this week, Stagecoach added that this double whammy - of 20 per cent cuts in government bus service grants and a planned 3p rise in fuel duty - would effectively increase fuel tax on bus passengers by 74 per cent.

Voicing their frustration at the government’s moves, Stagecoach argued that trains and planes pay virtually no fuel tax at all. They have stressed however that they believe passengers will still get ‘good value’ for their money. They say they have ‘worked hard to keep fares down for those who rely on the bus the most.’