Stagecoach timetable changes will affect Louth

Louth Bus Station. Photo: Ian Holmes.
Louth Bus Station. Photo: Ian Holmes.

STAGECOACH will shortly be shaking up their bus times on the Interconnect 51 route from Louth to Grimsby from half hourly back to hourly.

This change in time will come into effect from Wednesday April 18 and has been amended to alleviate some of the increase to fuel duty applied to bus operators by the Department of Transport which came into force on April 1.

The decreased number of buses from Louth to Grimsby has been changed to counter budget cuts which as a result will halt a rise in fare prices.

Dave Skepper, Commercial Director for Stagecoach East Midlands, said: “Rather than simply applying a substantial fares increase which would impact severely on all of our customers, especially those on limited incomes, we have chosen to mitigate the effect on our prices by reducing some lighly or poorly used bus mileage and consequently save some operating cost.”

It appears that only people from Louth and the surrounding villages reaching up to Holten le Clay will be affected by the time change as journeys between Grismby and Holton le Clay will still run in half hour intervals.

Only Holton le Clay to Louth will run on the new hourly time schedule.

Mr Skepper continued to say: “A close analysis of passenger numbers shows that the route is busiest between Grimsby and Holton le Clay, journeys between Holten le Clay and Louth are much quieter.

“As a result we have taken the decision to reduce the frequency of the timetable between Holton le Clay and Louth from half hourly to hourly, which will help to reduce overall operating costs whilst still maintaining an acceptable level of service.”

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