Stay calm behind caravans

WHEN it comes to travelling on British roads in the summer holidays, regional rural watchdog, the CLA, is urging drivers to stay calm if they get stuck behind slow moving, tailback-inducing caravans or tractors.

The Country, Land and Business Association says that with many families heading to the countryside at this time of the year, it is no surprise that above everything else associated with driving in the summer, from bank holiday jams to hot leather seats, following caravans or tractors on rural routes tends to top the list of motoring hates.

“No one likes to get stuck behind slow moving traffic. Driving in the summer can bring a new set of frustrations, especially if you’re travelling on particularly busy days or popular countryside routes. As the schools break up and the summer getaway starts, it’s inevitable our road network gets busier,” commented CLA East Midlands director, Andrew Shirley.

“It is best to be prepared for the worst when embarking on a long journey in the summer. Check your tyre pressures, oil and water levels and make sure you have enough fuel before you set off. Take water and snacks in the car, and make sure the kids have enough to keep them entertained too. But above all, try and stay calm and relaxed behind the wheel, so that when you get to your holiday cottage in the country or wherever, you’re in the right mood to enjoy it!”