Stella is debut novel from local author Helen Eve


An author who was brought up in Louth has written her first novel - which has been described as having hints of Great Expectations, Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars!

Helen Eve is publishing her debut, Stella, in January.

It is a dark thriller about the politics of school life told from the point of view of the anti-heroine, Stella, and the new girl whose arrival causes a stir at the exclusive school they attend.

Stella Hamilton is the undisputed queen of Temperley High. It is a place where it is not so much a case of survival of the fittest, but of the cleverest, wealthiest and most beautiful. At Temperley, being popular is all that matters.

And if popularity is power, Stella is the most powerful of all. Dangerously clever, and subtly manipulative, people flock around her like moths to a flame. Boys will do anything for her, girls try and emulate her every move. If she so much as changes her outfit, the school’s social media networks explode with excitement.

But under Stella’s icy façade, cracks are beginning to show. She is hiding a dark secret which, if exposed, could threaten everything she has worked for. And when you’ve been on top for so long, being knocked off your throne means a long journey down.

Helen now lives and works in Oxford but was brought up in Louth. She attended Franklin College in Grimsby in the late 1990s and her parents still live in Lincolnshire.

She graduated from Somerville College, Oxford, and has recently completed a creative writing MA at Oxford Brookes University, where her work caught the eye of none other than Philip Pullman! She is already working on the prequel to Stella.

Stella is published by Macmillan in January 2014, priced at £6.99,