Still time to sign up for charity cricket match in Horncastle

Charity cricket match in 2013.
Charity cricket match in 2013.

Organisers of a charity cricket tournament in Horncastle this Saturday (July 29) are hoping to be bowled over by a bumper crowd.

Along with family and friends, Saad Khalid has been organising charity cricket tournaments since 2010 and this year will be the seventh year that they have run this event.

Charity cricket match in 2014.

Charity cricket match in 2014.

Mr Khalid said: “We have raised thousands of pounds over the years for various causes, but more recently focused on combating human trafficking by supporting the national charity ‘Stop the Traffik’.

“This is because we think that human trafficking is an important issue for Lincolnshire given the issues around farm labour and the sex trafficking.

The event started as a one off in 2010, when Mr Khalid and his friends were still students at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School in Horncastle.

He added that through the support of our friends and family - and the local community - they had managed to turn it into an annual tradition.

He added: “Despite the organisers of the event, including myself, moving out of Lincolnshire for university and subsequently work, we make an effort to return to Horncastle every year and bring friends from other parts of the country especially for this event. “

The tournament has a fun 6 a side format and the event has a BBQ, music and raffle prizes.

Mr Khalid added: “We have been lucky to have the support of Tesco, Waitrose, and Majestic wine over the years who have very kindly donated vouchers contributing to food and raffle prizes.”

The tournament will be at Horncastle Cricket Club, starting at 12 noon.

Mr Khalid said: “We would encourage people to attend the event to support this amazing cause.

“If anyone would like to play in the tournament, please contact myself (Saad Khalid) using email or phone ( or 07796 406007).

“Last year, we raised over £2,000 and we hope to keep the tradition going and continue to raise thousands in the years to come.”