Strong trade in the prime ring at Louth Cattle Market

THERE was continued strong trade in the prime cattle ring at Louth Cattle Market on Thursday, with all types making good money

As usual demand exceeded supply and many more cattle could have been sold on the day.

The top price steer per kilo was for a British Blue from J C Scholey of Baumber weighing 574kgs and selling for £1,179 to Chris Bustance.

The top price steer her pead was for a Limousing from S A Missop Farms Ltd weighing 682kgs and selling for £1,333 to chris Wright. The top price heifer was also a Limousing from F E REad & Son of Hemingby weighing 589kgs and selling for £1,293 to John Laking.

With an improvement in the weather there was also an excellent quality entry of prime lambs.

On Thursday August 2 there is a sale of store lambs and breeding sheep.