Stronger economy plan for Louth area

A stronger economy is the focus of East Lindsey District Counil’s draft Core Strategy, which sets out the vision, objectives and planning policies that will shape development in East Lindsey over the next 15 years.

The draft Core Strategy, which is out to consultation on October 19, has been developed with a clear focus on tackling local issues and encouraging growth both inland and on the coast.

The draft Core Strategy does the following:

Sets the District’s housing target to 2028, recognising the need for more houses in the area.

Positively supports economic growth, employment development and tourism.

Positively supports our town centres and gives protection to the loss of services and facilities in the smaller communities of the District.

Does not support housing growth in areas of high flood risk.

Supports high quality design.

Protects our natural environment, including our landscapes, green spaces and biodiversity

During the consultation exercise, which ends on January 19, 2013, local people are being asked for their general views on the Strategy as well as where they think growth should be focused in future.

There are four options to consider, all of which take into account restricting housing growth in the coastal area because of flood risk:Concentrate growth into the five inland towns of Louth, Horncastle, Alford, Coningsby/Tattershall and Spilsby.

Moderately dispersed distribution of growth – put growth into the five inland towns and the large villages.

More dispersed pattern of growth – put growth into the five inland towns, large and medium villages.

Dispersed pattern of growth including the small rural villages – put our growth into the five inland towns, large, medium and small villages.

The classification as to which settlements are large, medium and small villages is set out in the Strategy.

In support of the consultation, the Council will be hosting drop in sessions, where local people can speak to Council officers on the new Core Strategy and also the proposed Housing Strategy, another document out for consultation.

There will be one in The Chamber, Louth Town Hall, Louth (upstairs) on November 23 from 10am to 7pm.

The document will be available from Friday for local people to comment on at and at the Council’s Customer Service Centres and Libraries.