Strubby couple celebrating Christmas day birth

Sarah and Nick Havrey pictured with baby Austin. Photo: Chloe West.
Sarah and Nick Havrey pictured with baby Austin. Photo: Chloe West.

A Strubby couple received the best Christmas present they could have asked for after their first child arrived early and was born on Christmas Day.

Baby Austin Dennis Harvey was delivered at 8.24pm on December 25, weighing 7lb, 6oz.

Sarah,27, and Nick Harvey, 31, said that ‘they couldn’t have asked for anything better.’

But with the baby not being due until December 27, the couple had not planned for him to arrive early, especially on Christmas Day itself.

Sarah recalls the lead up to the birth saying: “I just got on with it really. Austin wasn’t due for another couple of days but my waters broke on Christmas Eve.

“I went in for a check up on Christmas Day at Grimsby Hospital, I ended up staying in and he was born. It was a very quick birth.”

The couple have also praised the team at Grimsby Hospital.

Sarah added: “Nick and I would just like to thank the ‘Holly Team’ at the hospital.

“They were fantastic, really helpful and they kept me nice and relaxed the whole way through.

“Nick was also really supportive throughout the birth. I wouldn’t have been without him.”

Christmas is a very special time of year for the couple. They were married on December 5, 2015 and Sarah’s love of winter and Christmas is no secret.

“I am a Christmas fiend,” Sarah explained.

“Everyone who knows me will tell you that I love winter and Christmas. We got married in December last year. We knew we wanted children but didn’t plan one around Christmas time.

“It all just fell into place nicely and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Austin decided he wanted to be with us on Christmas Day and he is the best present we could have been given – by any measure.”

Dad Nick said: “The fact he has arrived on Christmas Day makes it all the more special.

“It worked out very well for us.

“We cannot wait for next Christmas. It will be amazing.”