Success for Wolds Bikers

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One of the most successful Wolds Bikers Charity nights of recent years was held recently, with £500 being donated to the club’s supported charities: Lincolnshire & Nottingham Air Ambulance and LIVES – the Lincolnshire Integrated Volunteer Emergency Service.

In addition, a substantial amount was raised on the night and the club has now donated almost £15,000 to charity since its formation in 2002.

However, the main activity of the club is motorcycling and being the Wolds Bikers much of the club’s activities take place in and around the Lincolnshire Wolds AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) with its great biking roads, relatively traffic free.

Top of the club’s agenda are its regular members’ rideouts on the 1st and 3rd Monday evening of each month and since membership is only £10 a year, it is easy to join in.

The next rideout is on Monday August 19 leaving the Coach and Horses Billinghay at 7.30 pm and the final Monday night rideout of the season is on September 2 leaving the Coach and Horses Billinghay at 7.30 pm. The club also runs longer rideouts several times a year, usually on a Sunday. Rideouts are a great way to meet like-minded riders, swap stories or ask advice before the ride, at the half way café or pub break or at the end of the ride at the Coach and Horses.

Of course, not all motorcyclists are experienced in group riding, so it is worth explaining a little about them. Wolds Bikers rideouts are for all abilities, often with separate groups for progressive riders, intermediate riders and ‘Steady Eddies’. The terms ‘progressive’ and ‘intermediate’ speak for themselves. ‘Steady Eddies’ refers to those riders who have little or no group riding experience and are looking to improve their group riding skills in a comfortable, leisurely and safe group riding environment. It also includes riders who like plenty of time to ‘smell the air’ and enjoy a more leisurely and sociable ride.

Groups are quite small, generally ten or fewer in a group, with each group led by a clearly identified leader with two ‘tail end charlies’ to look after the back of the group and to assist with any issues. On those occasions where there are maybe not enough leaders, riders and ‘tail end charlies’ to run separate groups, the ‘drop-off’ scheme is used. Ride-out rules are strictly enforced to ensure legality and safety.

Normal Highway Code rules apply, of course.

Riders and bikes must be licensed, insured, taxed and tested.

Each rider is responsible for his or her own safety and of those around them and must be honest about their own abilities.

Riders must not overtake the leader wearing the yellow vest. The leader knows the route – you may not.

Keep the bike behind in sight. If you start to lose sight of the bike behind, slow down. If you slow down then the bike in front will slow down and that way the group stays together for safety and support.

Maintain a safe braking distance with the bike in front.

In any group, less experienced riders must keep to the front of the group immediately behind the leader to minimise catch up speed and allow riding within capabilities.

Leader should adjust speed to suit group

No rider should drop out of a ride-out partway through without telling the ‘tail end charlie’

If you want to know more about Wolds Bikers, want to join or re-join, just email John Smith, Club Chairman at or call 07920 859118