Successful museum opening in Louth for 2018 season

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Louth Museum opened for its 2018 season last Wednesday, with volunteers saying the launch day was very well received.

It was the start of a temporary exhibition on Anglo-Saxon treasures discovered in Little Carlton, a commemoration of the final year of World War I, as well as the annual re-opening of the museum.

Visitors were heralded by a local choir singing 1918 songs, in the company of members of the 3rd Battalion of The Royal Anglian Regiment.

Anglo-Saxon treasures found in Little Carlton are on display in the museum until June 9.

The artefacts show that people wrote using styli, used loom weights in the weaving of textiles, sharpened implements with whetstones and smelted metals.

Also found were Seventh-century coins (Sceattas), hundreds of bronze and silver pins and many high-status items (fine glass, and metal styli), and suggest that Little Carlton was a very important, perhaps religious, centre.

Through photos, illustrations and explanatory text, together with a display of some of the artefacts found, the exhibition examines the settlement at Little Carlton, and why was it here.

Visitor Mrs Pat Carter from Suffolk said: “This is one of the most interesting and well presented museums it has been my pleasure to visit, with most welcoming volunteers.”