Sue Locking elected as Mayor

Mayor Sue Locking with her husband,  Councillor Malcolm Locking. EMN-150520-110447001
Mayor Sue Locking with her husband, Councillor Malcolm Locking. EMN-150520-110447001

Louth Town Councillor Sue Locking is “absolutely thrilled and highly honoured” to have been elected as the new Mayor of Louth last week.

On Tuesday, May 19, at the first Louth Town Council meeting since the election, councillors unanimously voted to elect Coun Sue Locking to the position of Mayor for the year 

Coun George Horton proposed Coun Locking for the role, and highlighted her dedication to the council and the town in recent years, in addition to her roles with 
Louth In Bloom, the Town Partnership and the Chamber of Commerce.

The nomination was seconded by Coun Jill Makinson-Sanders, who wished Coun Locking luck for the year ahead, adding: “I take great pleasure in nominating my old school chum”.

After formally accepting her new role, Coun Locking thanked Coun Leonard for his “diligent service to the town during his mayoral year” and presented him with a replica of the Arms of the Town.

Coun Leonard thanked his fellow councillors for electing him to the mayoral office, 
Town Clerk Linda Blankley, Mayor’s Secretary Lynda Phillips, his consort Coun Makinson-Sanders, and the members of the public that he met throughout his 
year in office.

He said: “You see lots of different aspects of life 
and you think you know what’s going on in Louth, but you don’t until you actually take on the role as mayor.”

Coun Leonard told councillors of the various events he had been involved with through the year, including visiting hospital patients on Christmas Day, getting 
involved with Lincolnshire Wolds Riding for the Disabled, and visiting Hull - which has a historic connection with 
Louth - where he met actress Sheridan Smith.

He also reflected on the many issues that have cropped up in Louth over the past 12 months, including the sale of the Cattle Market, debates over supermarkets, planning applications and numerous other things.

He added: “Louth is changing, and I accept it 
will change, but I hope it won’t change too much as it is 
very special.

“We don’t want it to be just another town like we 
have up and down the country, totally devoid of any 
quality or soul.”

Coun Andrew Leonard handed out gifts, adding that it had been “an honour and a pleasure” to serve as mayor during the last 12 months.

Finally. Coun Leonard announced that he had presented the Mayor’s 
Plaque - which recognises individuals who have put a lot into the community - to 
David Robinson, who has dedicated more than 50 years of his life to Louth and its history.

Next, it was time for council to elect its new 
deputy mayor.

Coun Eileen Ballard was elected to the role following a secret ballot, after her and 
Coun Fran Treanor 
were nominated by Coun Leonard and Coun Ottaway respectively.

Speaking after the meeting, Mayor Coun Sue Locking told the Louth Leader: “I am very pleased to have Eileen as my deputy. She is an experienced mayor and deputy mayor, and I am more than 
happy for her to carry out any duties if I 
can’t attend for any reason.”

Coun Locking added: “Coun Leonard has made 
an extremely good mayor over the last year, and he will definitely be a hard act 
to follow.”

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