SUNDAY 5.10PM: Overheating plug leads to house fire in Mablethorpe

Lincs Fire and Rescue news.
Lincs Fire and Rescue news.

Fire crews from two stations were called out to a house fire in Mablethorpe this afternoon.

Crews from Alford and Mablethorpe went to a house in Victoria Road, near Golden Sands Caravan Park, where damage was caused to the plug.

The cause was accidental.

SATURDAY 2.40pm: Electrical fault sparks traffic bollard fire in Louth

Firefighters from Louth were called out to a traffic bollard alight in the town on Friday night.

The fire was reported in Kenwick Road, near Louth and Wyevale Garden Centre, shortly before 10.40pm.

A dry powder extinguisher was used to put out the fire which was caused by an electrical fault.