Supermarket giant Tesco denies resurrecting plans for new store

The site which Tesco is now trying to sell-off after financial cutbacks last January.
The site which Tesco is now trying to sell-off after financial cutbacks last January.

Retail giant Tesco has dismissed any suggestion it will resurrect plans for a massive new supermarket in Mablethorpe.

The company initially submitted an application for a new store in Golf Road three years ago and was granted permission by East Lindsey District Council.

That prompted a pledge by Tesco to create 200 new jobs while the town expected to bank around £850,000 in Section 106 funding to boost local infrastructure.

Tesco ditched plans to build the store earlier this year as part of a nationwide project of cutbacks following a significant fall in profits.

However the company re-submitted plans for the site to ELDC in November - prompting speculation of a potential U-turn.

But Tesco have confirmed they have no plans to build a store and the new application is part of the process to keep planning permission for the site ‘live’ - boosting their on-going efforts to sell the land.

However, the town could still get a new-look supermarket. Lidl plan to demolish their existing store to make way for bigger premises.

The supermarket giant was granted full permission to build a store by East Lindsey District Council back in 2012 – but with the application nearing its expiration time frame of three years to either start or complete the build - its only option to keep the site is to submit new plans.

Tesco spokesman Mark Thomas explained: “With our existing planning permission for the Golf Road site due to lapse, re-submitting a new application is the best chance of pushing forward with a sale.

“So we have submitted reserved matters to effectively retain planning permission of the site so we are able to continue with our efforts to sell the site.

“We’re committed to ensuring a positive future for our site in Mablethorpe. recognising its significance for the town, and we continue our efforts to bring about a sale. The application is part of that.”

Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea Town Council have supported the new plans and felt it was the ‘only sensible approach’ to back the application in order for the sale of the site to move forward.

The news that Tesco was no longer building a store in Mablethorpe came in January last year following the supermarket chain’s decision to halt plans to build 43 stores across the country due to financial cutbacks.

Tesco has since been trying to negotiate the sale of this site - but nearly a year down the line since its announcement the land has still not been sold and remains empty.

A new housing estate now surrounds the site and, in light of the new application being submitted, residents living nearby are not happy with the new layout of the plans.

One resident who objects to the proposal said: “I have some strong objections against the plans.

“The hours of operation for the food store and petrol station, which I assume will be 24-hours, is a reason for concern due to the night noise and anti-social behaviour this may attract.

“My main concern is the location of the entrance/exit. It seems to be 50 metres from my house which would cause a lot of noise pollution.”

Another neighbouring resident to the site said: “I object wholeheartedly to any re-submission of this planning proposal.

“There will be serious noise disruption for us as residents, not to mention the increased chance of land flooding to our properties.

“Local independent stores in the town will not be able to compete.

“This in the end will not regenerate the area.”

Is resubmitting a new application the best way forward in securing the sale of the Golf Road site in Mablethorpe?

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