Support for Brexit declines across Lincolnshire

Brexit news
Brexit news

The biggest independent survey on Brexit since the 2016 referendum has shown that support for leaving the European Union across the UK has declined, with a 5-6 per cent reduction in support for Brexit across most parts of Lincolnshire.

Channel 4 released the findings of a 20,000-strong Survation poll earlier this week, which shows that Lincoln would now vote to Remain (with a 9.41% swing towards Remain), and that support for Brexit has declined in all other parts of Lincolnshire.

The 'Brexitometer' in Lincoln earlier this autumn.

The 'Brexitometer' in Lincoln earlier this autumn.

However, overall, the polling shows that Lincolnshire overall would still vote to Leave if another referendum was held in 2018.

After Lincoln, the West Lindsey district had the highest swing (5.91%) away from Leave, with 61.82% support for Brexit two years ago now dropping to just 55.91% in support of Brexit.

The swing in neighbouring East Lindsey was 5% away from Leave, with 70.65% support for Brexit dropping to 65.65% support for Brexit.

North Kesteven, Boston, South Holland, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire all had a 5-6% swing away from Brexit.

The exception was South Kesteven, which had a swing of just 3.38% away from Brexit.

Nationally, Survation estimates that the public would vote to Remain by 54% to 46% if a referendum would be held tomorrow.

Over the last few months, the Lincolnshire branch of the European Movement and the neighbouring Stamford Rainbow Coalition for Europe have been running street stalls with ‘Brexitometers’, which consist of a set of statements which people could either agree or disagree with by adding a dot sticker to indicate their response.

John Bland, Chair of Lincolnshire European Movement which is supporting the campaign for a ‘People’s Vote’ on the final Brexit Deal, said: “This summer and autumn have been incredible. Take Grantham for example. Those who campaigned there during the referendum said that it was a difficult area to campaign in yet we had people coming to support the People’s Vote within minutes of us setting up the stall.

“Stamford continues to produce ever increasing support for a People’s Vote, and even Spalding on a cold wet Autumn day returned a majority view in favour of the campaign - including from those who still want to leave, as they want to take back control of the final decision from Westminster politicians who have been making a mess of the Brexit negotiations.

“If anyone had said that we would be able to fill a 63 seater coach from Lincoln to the second-largest protest march that London has ever seen six months ago, I would have said that they were crazy. Yet that is exactly what happened, and we received national publicity.

“These latest polling numbers demonstrate that in Lincolnshire there is no majority view in support of the Brexit deal that the Government are seeking to impose on us.

“If the country is ever to unite again, democracy demands a vote on the final Brexit deal in light of the increasing amount of new information becoming available.

“If even Arron Banks who funded the Leave.EU campaigns is saying that he would rather Remain in the EU than accept the Government’s proposed deal, it would suggest that the course the Government are following will unite the majority of us regardless how we voted to reject it.

“We therefore should unite to demand that the final say is put back in the hands of the people, so that we can control our destiny; not 650 MPs who can’t seem to agree on anything.”

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