Suspended sentence for man who kicked his partner from Mablethorpe

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An 18-week prison sentence, that has been suspended for two years, has been imposed on a man who kicked and struck his partner.

The incident at a friend’s home, in Mablethorpe, after they had both been drinking, saw Andrew David Minor, 41, attack Elise Hardy when she refused to let him have the house keys to go home.

Jennifer Fitzgerald prosecuting said the couple had dated as youngsters but then lost touch before starting a relationship in January 2012.

She said the offence was committed in the early hours of September 1.

“He got up from where he had been sitting and approached Miss Hardy,” said Ms Fitzgerald.

“She stated he stamped on her head whilst she was sitting on the settee, grabbed hold of her, threw her to the floor and began kicking her head.

“Whilst on the floor she had her arms around her head trying to stop the defendant’s blows.”

The court was told Minor remained on his feet and began to punch Miss Hardy’s head, shoulder and arm.

As a result of the assault Miss Hardy had various bumps to her head, a swollen left ear and bruising.

Minor pleaded guilty to a charge of assault at court in Skegness and the case had been remitted for sentence to High Peak Magistrates Court.

Russell Wild defending said: “This was the rekindling of a relationship after many years. It was not an unusual situation.

“They made contact via Facebook, met up and rekindled their relationship.”

He said Minor, of Spire Hollin, Glossop, Derbyshire, had early in the volatile relationship moved to live with Miss Hardy and her family in Mablethorpe.

Mr Wild said: “Mr Minor from the start accepted he was totally in the wrong on this occasion and describes himself as ashamed of his actions.”

High Peak magistrates were told Minor expressed remorse immediately.

“He totally accepts his responsibility for any injuries,” said Mr Wild, with Minor accepting he had punched, slapped and kicked out at Miss Hardy but did not accept he had stamped on her head.

Magistrates imposed an 18-week prison sentence suspended for 24-months.

Minor must complete a programme that looks at domestic abuse.

A restraining order was also made banning Minor from contacting Miss Hardy for 24-months.

In addition to £85 costs and a £100 government surcharge, Minor was ordered to pay £150 compensation.