Sutton on Sea slimmers say greasy burger transformed their lives

Lynn and Kev Prike before losing weight.
Lynn and Kev Prike before losing weight.

A Sutton on Sea couple are putting their combined weight loss of nearly six stone down to a greasy burger which they say saved their lives.

Husband and wife Kev and Lynn Prike weighed 24st and 17st 12lbs respectively in December.

Kev and Lynn Prike after shedding the pounds.

Kev and Lynn Prike after shedding the pounds.

They revealed their slimming success story started when they visited Sutton on Sea Christmas street market.

As the couple watched youngsters singing carols, they were tucking into a burger

Lynn (43) explained: “Hamburger in hand, we were stood in front of a slimming world stand. My eyes locked on the consultant and then down at my hamburger.

“With each bite, the burger was spreading guilt through my veins.

“I knew then we had to do something about our weight - and fast.”

Lynn initially joined Hazel Eastman’s Slimming World group in January on her own and now believes that ‘keeping in shape and being a healthy weight is the best gift you can give yourself’.

Lynn has been documenting their journey, ‘The diary of a disappearing local couple’ which reminds them of how far they’ve already come.

She added: “I felt nervous walking into my first class in January, not only for the initial weigh-in but because I had to admit to myself that I was clinically obese.”

Lynn couldn’t believe she weighed so much, but discovered small changes to what she ate - and her daily routine saw her shed the pounds.

She was ‘amazed and encouraged’ when she lost six and half pounds in her first week.

As people started to comment on Lynn’s new look, husband Kev (45) joined the group in March.

He soon benefited from a healthier diet and lost 13lbs in his first week.

After their combined six-stone loss, the couple admit they still have some way to go but stress they are both feeling happier.

They say they can bend down and put shoes on - without holding in their breath - and can walk up stairs without ‘sounding like Darth Vader!’

Lynn added: “We still have a long way to go, but we know with the help and support of Hazel and the rest of the Slimming World class we will do it and keep the weight off.”