Sutton on Sea solar installer goes global

Chris Williams installing some of the solar panels in Sri Lanka.
Chris Williams installing some of the solar panels in Sri Lanka.
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A Sutton on Sea solar installation business has made it’s stamp on history after bringing a third world country into the future with solar energy.

Chris Williams of Chris Williams Electrical Ltd became global after heading over to a rural village plantation in Sri Lanka in March after securing a contract to install a ground mounted solar array of photovoltaic panels.

Sri Lanka is still a third world country with many people suffering in poverty with no running water or sanitation, lack of food, water and electricity.

But the Sri Lankan government is now investing in rebuilding the country after 25 years of Civil War ended in 2009. With Sri Lanka being a tropical island with its proximity to the equator being endowed with an abundance of sunlight all year round, what better way to capture this energy source than via photovoltaic solar systems.

Chris told the Leader how his journey had been a challening one.

“Designing a system for use in a third world country has been a challenge.

“There were unique problems to overcome with the erractic grid supply, high temperatures and typhoons as well as the problems with communication.

“The logistics of getting the equipment out of Sri Lankan customs to the site was also an interesting exercise.”

After all these hurdles were overcome, Chris and his team of Sri Lankan labourers installed the solar array which now supplies free reliable electricity to the planatation dwellings, offices and especially the electric fences which protect the crops from being trampled on by roaming elephants.

Having installed over 200 systems to date, Chris Williams Electrical Ltd’s expertise and experience in installing solar panels is a flagship installation in a country that is looking towards the future.

Chris continued: “This installation is bringing a country out of poverty into the future. It is the first step and we are part of this process, it’s history in the making.”

Chris and co-director Joanne are in talks with the Ceylon Electricity Board, government officials and local army barracks who have expressed an interest in solar power.