Sutton on Sea stepdad hits out after stepson (7) is knocked off bike after alleged hit-and-run

Mark O'Neill pictured with his stepson Dexter Parkhurst, (7).
Mark O'Neill pictured with his stepson Dexter Parkhurst, (7).

A stepfather from Sutton on Sea says he is ‘disgusted’ by the lack of support he’s received from Lincolnshire Police after his stepson was involved in an alleged ‘hit and run’ incident.

Mark O’Neill was with his seven-year-old stepson Dexter Parkhurst when he was knocked off his bike on Furlongs Road last month while cycling to school.

Since then, Mr O’Neill claims police have failed to inform him of any investigation into the incident - even though he tracked down CCTV footage of the car he says was involved.

However, Lincolnshire Police have hit back and in a statement say they have kept Mr O’Neill informed at ‘every opportunity.’

Mr O’Neill said: “This car came along and knocked Dexter off his bike.

“Luckily, he wasn’t too badly injured, just very shaken up and he had a bit of a lump on his head. I took him to A&E to get him checked over.”

Mr O’Neill called the police and told them about the incident.

He says he expected to see them straight away.

However, he claims he heard nothing, except for what he described as ‘a quick phone call’ on the evening of the incident.

Mr O’Neill added: “I was expecting the police to come round, seeing as Dexter was only young and had been knocked off his bike by a driver - but didn’t get a call until 9pm.

“They said we would get a visit the next day - but nope, all we got was another phone call.

I’ve heard nothing back since.”

It is three weeks since the incident, and Mr O’Neill says he is frustrated that the police have not seen him, or kept him updated with what was happening.

He was so annoyed, he visited the area of the incident and asked local businesses for any CCTV footage.

He says a camera had recorded images of the car that he claims was involved.

Mr O’Neill added: “I went straight down to the police to give them the evidence .

“But since then, I have heard nothing and I think it’s disgusting.

“I thought the police were here to protect and serve.

“I feel like I have lost all faith in the police force.”

Lincolnshire Police defended their handling of the case and said they had kept Mr O’Neill informed at every opportunity. Inspector Matt Bennison said: “We have a commitment to updating victims at key points throughout an investigation, and I can confirm that this has been done in this case, so I am disappointed to hear that Mr O’Neill feels let down and have made contact with him to discuss his concerns. Collision investigations are a slow, methodical process and this can sometimes lead to frustration, but our aim is always the best outcome for a victim.”

The police said that enquiries are still ongoing.