Suzanne’s head shave for Sense Christmas ball

Head shave
Head shave

Suzanne Curle from Louth cut off her pigtails and had her head shaved to raise money for a Christmas ball for people who are both deaf and blind.

Suzanne is a manager at a care home for deafblind people, run by the charity Sense. She wants to raise £1,000 for the Christmas ball she’s planning for the residents and their families.

Suzanne had her hair shaved off at the care home in Louth and raised £600 towards the Christmas feast. “I thought it would be a lovely gesture to organise a Christmas ball to bring together the deafblind people we support and their families who live far away,” said Suzanne.

“My colleagues and friends have been really supportive, everyone donated and baked cakes on the day and even helped me shave my hair down to grade two. I was dreading to look in the mirror afterwards, but it was a huge relief hearing from people that my new look actually suits me.”

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