Table top sale for Rej’s Dream

THE REJ’S Dream charity is holding a fundraising Table Top Sale.

It is at Monks’ Dyke Technoloy College on Saturday January 21 from 10am to 12noon.

It costs £5 to book a table in advance.

for details call Beryl on 01507 601009.

Rej’s Dream was set up to aid working families with life limiting or life threatening illnesses in the Lincolnshire area who have to travel to hospital for treatment.

It was started in memory of Rhianna Elise Jeffrey who died in 2010, aged 13. Rhianna had Aplastic Anaemia and Polyarteritis Nodosa. Her family had to travel to Sheffield Children’s Hospital for treatment, a 160 mile round trip which was undertaken at least once a week, but sometimes three to four times a week.