Take a brew break for WRVS

WRVS Louth Home from Hospital is hosting a Great Brew Break to raise money to help WRVS volunteers prevent loneliness among local older people.

It’s all part of the Great Brew Break, supported by Yakult, that raises money for WRVS to provide a lifeline to many isolated older people in the area.

The WRVS Lincolnshire supporters will be holding their WRVS Great Brew Break on Saturday May 4 between 9.30am and 1.30pm at The Conoco Rooms, Louth Library.

Service Manager Gareth Walters said: “We’ve all pulled together to support this event, my Service Assistant Emily Smith has done a great job organising some really fun activities such as Punch and Judy and splat the rat and we have got plenty of our amazing volunteers on hand making tea and cakes so will really be a fun-filled family atmosphere! Plus, after the event our team is planning to walk 75 miles across East Lindsey to raise money for WRVS Lincolnshire. The money we raise will help us provide vital support to older people. We’d love everyone to hold a Great Brew Break of their own to raise money.”

To find out more about WRVS Great Brew Break or to volunteer for WRVS call 01507 608433