Take part in the ‘Lovely Louth’ competition


This year’s Lovely Louth competition is now underway, with the chance for residents to show off their beautiful floral and planting decorations.

The competition, which is run by the Louth Town Council in conjunction with Louth In Bloom, is aimed at beautifying the town alongside the preparations for the Louth in Bloom judging, which will take place on the morning of Thursday July 17.

The classes in the competition include: Shop and Business Premises, Licensed Premises, Private Houses (frontage display), Private Houses (gardens visible from road), Private Houses (gardens visible from road - senior citizens only), Private Houses (perennial planting visible from road), and Best School Garden.

Entry to the competition is free, and only one class may be entered per person. Judging takes place on the week commencing July 28, and entries must be in by July 25.

Awards will be presented to the winners of each class.

Call 01507 606660 for further enquiries.

Meanwhile, Louth in Bloom chairman Councillor Sue Locking would like to thank all volunteers who have helped spruce up the town, and the shopkeepers who have painted their frontages.

Councillor Locking said: “I would like to thank all those who have helped, or who are currently helping, to prepare the town for the In Bloom judges.

“All aspects of the town will be assessed including tidiness, recycling, planting, education, community spirit and involvement and local heritage.”