Talk on who killed JFK

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Supporters of Louth Town Museum and Trustees of Spout Yard Park invite all interested townspeople to a fundraising event to mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22 1963.

Although the killer was convicted, no satisfactory motive has been declared for this tragic act that rocked the world...until now!

Christopher Brightmore, Detective Chief Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police (Ret.), has never accepted the official account of the assassination, released by the Warren Commission, and has spent the last ten years researching the phenomenon.

He will present his findings at a special 50th Anniversary Talk at the Conoco Rooms on Saturday November 23 at 7.30pm.

His conclusions will surprise and disturb you.

The event is promoted jointly by the two Louth charities, Spout Yard Park Management Trust and the Naturalists’ Antiquarian and Literary Society, both of which Mr Brightmore is a keen supporter.

There will be refreshments and a raffle during the evening.

Tickets costing £5 including refreshments, are available from Spout Yard Park Kiosk or telephone 01507 603095 or a limited number will be available on the door.