Taxpayers to foot bill of over £6,000 for private security at coastal car parks

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Taxpayers in Lincolnshire have footed a bill of £6,496 for a private security firm to patrol five coastal car parks.

A Freedom of Information Act request has revealed that £4,910 of the amount has been spent to police Huttoft Car Terrace alone.

The remaining costs went on manning security on coastal car parks at Chapel Six Marsh, Moggs Eye, Wolla Bank and Marsh Yard.

Lincolnshire County Council drafted in private firm Lincolnshire Security Ltd and the costs revealed it paid for a guard and patrol service for each of the five coastal car parks.

With only four parking notices issued, taxpayers spent £1,624 per notice.

A further Freedom of Information Act request has also shown the county council contracted the security firm due to pressure from a single member of the public.

Campaigner Andy Strangeway claims the latest figures revealed by the council mean upwards of £100,000 has been spent on Huttoft’s overnight parking issue.

These pressures spurred the County Council to go ahead with a ramp up in monitoring of the five coastal car parks during the summer holidays.

What do you think about the total costs spent for private security at these five car parks on the coast, provided by you, the tax payer?

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