Tetney author overcomes ME to pen first children’s book

Stephen Meek of Tetney with his book A Boy Arrives.
Stephen Meek of Tetney with his book A Boy Arrives.

A Tetney author has overcome spending five years housebound through ME to pen his first children’s book, A Boy Arrives.

Stephen Meek, a Sheffield University Zoology graduate, has released what is set to be a real page turner for all ages and has already shifted nearly 1,000 copies.

Taking just over a year to complete, A Boy Arrives tells the humourous story of Jimbo, a small child who arrives at Dunnydark Hall, giving Grimwood Streep and his butler a new lease of life.

The novel was longlisted in the Times competition for best unpublished children’s book before it was released.

Stephen, a former antique dealer turned full time writer, explained: “Jimbo turns up at this derelict stately home, full of derelict old people, and teaches them how to be young again.

“It’s not really based on any sort of experiences, it’s pretty much straight from my head.

“I feel there’s something in it for every age group though it is aimed at children aged nine and above, and I’ve already started work on the sequel.”

A Boy Arrives, published by Hawkwood, has been described as a ‘gentle, funny and touching’ story and is available in Off the Beaten Tracks in Aswell Street, Louth, with an RRP of £6.99.