Tetney mum plans to thank staff who saved her twins

Victoria Chapman-Smith with her twins George and Isabella-Rose.
Victoria Chapman-Smith with her twins George and Isabella-Rose.

A Tetney mum whose twins were born several weeks early now wants to raise money for the neonatal ward that saved their lives.

Victoria Chapman-Smith,31, gave birth to twins George Patrick and Isabella-Rose in August last year.

Twins need time to fully develop, but are often born early.

Victoria’s twins - it was her second pregnancy - were born at just 31 weeks, both weighing 4lb, 6oz.

Victoria recalls the worry that she and her husband Darren went through when the twins were born.

She explained: “All parents worry when their child is born. We were a little scared because they came early, but I was very lucky to have them naturally.

“It happened very suddenly. Both were born at a good weight for twins, but babies born this early have complications, as they can not feed for themselves and may occur breathing difficulties, which our twins did. My husband was an amazing support.”

The twins stayed at the neonatal ward at Grimsby Hospital for three weeks before they were allowed home. But they soon had to return to hospital for an additional four-days when their body temperatures dropped.

Victoria added: “The whole time my babies were in the hospital and I had to leave them was unbearable for us both.

“We were lucky our babies could stay together, because when the wards are full, sometimes parents have to have their babies spilt up and they are looked after in different hospitals.I couldn’t imagine how this must feel for the parents.

“But it has made me appreciate the simple things in life and the neonatal ward was a real eye opener for me.

“Now I want to raise money for them because without them my babies wouldn’t be here. The staff at that ward were amazing and I can’t thank them enough.

Victoria is organising a charity ball, taking place on June 2, with a three-course meal and lots more at Kenwick Park Hotel in Louth. Tickets for the ball are £35 each. Call Victoria on: 07790 039443.