‘Thank You’ - Mum praises lifeguards in Mablethorpe who saved her one-year-old son

Mum Nicole Manderson with son Jenson, (one), pictured with Tom Robert,  just one of the two lifeguards that came to their aid.
Mum Nicole Manderson with son Jenson, (one), pictured with Tom Robert, just one of the two lifeguards that came to their aid.

A young mum on holiday in Saltfleet has praised lifeguards after they saved her one-year-old son in Mablethorpe after he had stopped breathing.

Nicole Manderson (23), originally from Scunthorpe, had spent the week at her family’s holiday home in Saltfleet with her parents and younger sister, when the drama began.

Jenson and mum Nicole.

Jenson and mum Nicole.

The family decided to visit Mablethorpe on the final day of their trip - Bank Holiday Monday (May 29).

While in one of the resort’s arcades at around 5pm, Nicole noticed her son Jenson was shaking and had turned blue and wasn’t breathing.

She said: “He was in his pushchair and I noticed he suddenly started shaking and went blue.

“He then went ‘floppy’ and was unresponsive...it was an awful thing to see.”

Fortunately, two senior lifeguards, Tom Roberts and Neil Bryan, were nearby, on duty on Mablethorpe beach.

They rushed to Jenson’s aid and were equipped with oxygen to help his breathing.

RNLI lifeguard supervisor Arun Gray said: “Our lifeguards are highly trained in casualty care and act as first responders for the ambulance service.

“If there is a medical emergency on or near to the beach, we get the call to go because we are often the closest by.”

She added Jenson had been unconscious and the two lifeguards carried out an assessment.

She explained the toddler had regained consciousness when the lifeguards arrived and they administered oxygen before handing him onto the ambulance service.

He was taken to Diana Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby where he spent the next two days under observation.

As soon as Jenson was discharged, he and his mum travelled back to Mablethorpe to thank the lifeguards for their help.

Nicole added: “I am so grateful to lifeguards Tom and Neil for their help.

“I don’t know what would of happened if they hadn’t been there.

“They were amazing and we are very grateful to them.”

Nicole explained Jenson had felt unwell the previous Friday and had been sick with suspected food poisoning.

She added he was still unwell on the day of the incident.

Nicole said ‘it had been a long week’ worrying about Jenson after he was released from hospital.

She explained he had been lost his appetite but had finally began eating properly again earlier this week.

She added: “I just hope nothing like this happens again,” she said.