The Dalek invasion of Earth

Dalek invasion
Dalek invasion

For years their battle cry has spread terror throughout the universe.

Now, it seems, the dreaded Daleks have set their sights on Louth.

One of the metallic monsters was on guard outside the Mansion House in Upgate at the weekend.

And inside was stationed another Dalek, sucker arm raised menacingly.

Don’t worry though, it wasn’t an invasion of Earth.

They had been created by the talented students at King Edward VI Grammar School for the annual GCSE and A-Level Art Exhibition.

And the Doctor’s trusty robot dog, K-9, was also there to make sure the Daleks didn’t get up to any mischief.

The remote control model revved up to people as they admired the paintings and coloured lights on its back flashed on and off.

The exhibition featured superb artwork by the students.