The fight goes on to save Louth ‘labyrinth’

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The fight to save the Julian Bower playing field - believed by some to be the possible site of an ancient labyrinth - from a housing development has been taken to the next level.

Local resident Prisca Furlong has conducted extensive research which, she claims, suggests that one of Lincolnshire’s four ancient Julian Bower labyrinths is based at the old KEVIGS recreation ground site.

However, just last month, Lincolnshire County Council’s Historic Environment Manager said that her team’s professional opinion refutes this claim.

Now, Ms Furlong and a number of other concerned residents have teamed together in a bid to conduct a professional, non-invasive archeological investigation.

Ms Furlong has put in a request to Lincs Design Consultancy to allow for a geophysical survey to be carried out by GSB Prospection, a reputable company that worked on the Time Team television show.

If a survey is carried out and proves that the site was indeed the home of the labyrinth, then it is hoped that Historic England (a branch of the English Heritage Trust) could make Julian Bower a ‘listed’ Scheduled Monument and prevent the housing development being built.

Ms Furlong said: “Lincs Design Consultancy suggested that if I was really serious about my claims I would pay for expert analysis, and I’ve put my money where my mouth is. I’ve taken up the gauntlet and raised the funds, together with other interested parties, in order to try to protect a site I am convinced is of historic importance.”

To find out more, join the Facebook group by searching for ‘Julian Bower Louth Historic Site’.