The Nottingham raises a grand for Louth equestrian star

Emily Parker with Nottingham Building Society branch manager Alan Cope.
Emily Parker with Nottingham Building Society branch manager Alan Cope.

Staff at the Louth branch of The Nottingham Building Society have been busy over the last year raising money for local equestrian star, Emily Parker. Last week they handed over a cheque for more than a thousand pounds to help her with her expenses.

The Nottingham donated £650 at the beginning of last year, and the team at the branch have been holding raffles, running, and even selling refreshments to customers to top up the funds. They raised an additional £400 for Emily throughout the year, bringing the grand total to £1050.

Emily thanked The Nottingham and said: “The money will be really helpful, and it will go towards training.”

Alan Cope, manager for the Louth branch of The Nottingham, said: “The Nottingham is thrilled to be involved with this initiative to help someone that is part of our local community. It is essential that we help future sports stars with their funding if we want to carry on the legacy left by the London Olympics.”

Emily, who has been riding since she was three years old, has based herself up in the Scottish Borders over the winter months under the watchful eye of Olympian Ian Stark as she prepares her string of rides for the upcoming eventing season. She hopes to participate in the 2016 Olympic Games.

She is currently back home with seven horses to compete at local events in Oasby and Lincoln.

Emily said: “I am very appreciative of the support Alan and his team at Louth have given me over the past 12 months. As I move from the amateur to the professional ranks, I have found this financial support invaluable.”