The Real Event Company set to take on running of Mablethorpe Marathon

The latest local sporting news.
The latest local sporting news.

Members of the Mablethorpe Marathon committee have confirmed the event will now be run by a specialist events promotion company.

The Real Event Company, based in Lincolnshire, will take over full responsibility for the always popoular races which were previously run by volunteers.

Marathon Foundation Chair, Helen Nicholson explained the decision. She said: “For a few years now, the volunteer management group have been at full stretch to put on the marathon, half marathon and 5K run.

“To grow further and ensure Mablethorpe remains a destination runners will flock to, it is now the ideal time for a professional organisation to take over.”

The committee made a final out-going message which reads: “We have always received enthusiasm, warmth and support from our runners and their enjoyment has been our motivation throughout our tenure.

“We salute your determination, courage and achievement, and of course we thank you deeply for supporting our events, being our reason to run them in the town.

“We have been blessed to have met the nicest runners in the world and many will remain lifelong friends - we will miss each and every one of you.”