‘They were so supportive to me’: Mother thanks hospice for son’s care

Pictured from left are Timothy and MIchael. EMN-171010-101936001
Pictured from left are Timothy and MIchael. EMN-171010-101936001

A Skegness woman has held a charity bridge day in aid of a St Barnabas Hospice branch which cared for her son before his death.

Marilyn Ely (Gertie), 73, holds monthly bridge days for local charities, but went one step further with her latest fundraiser to say ‘thank you’ to St Barnabas Louth Hospice.

In February this year, Gertie lost her son Timothy James Hardy to cancer, at the age of just 44.

In July, Gertie also lost her husband Michael John Peak, 74, who had cancer but died of other causes.

They had been together for 27 years, but were only married for 13 months.

Timothy was diagnosed with four types of cancer, and had to spend about seven weeks at Pilgrim Hospital, in Boston.

Gertie said: “There was absolutely nothing they could do for him.”

Gertie wanted her son home for Christmas, so with help from Pilgrim Hospital and St Barnabas Louth Hospice her wishes came true.

Gerite said: “St Barnabas arranged a bed so that Timothy could come home for Christmas.”

St Barnabas Louth Hospice also fulfilled the wish of Timothy, who did not want to die at his mother’s home.

Instead, they supported Timothy by helping him pay for rented accomodation in Burgh le Marsh.

Timothy sadly died 109 days after his diagnosis.

Of the help provided by St Barnabas Louth Hospice, Gertie said: “They were so supportive to me, and were absolutely wonderful with me.

“Thank you for all the wonderful support that St Barnabas Hospice Louth gave me.”


Speaking about Gertie’s work, fundraising development manager at St Barnabas Hospice, Adrian Oke, said: “Gertie embodies the passion that St Barnabas Hospice inspires in its practise within the Lincolnshire community.

“Louth Day Therapy is one of our many hospice buildings across the county.

“The money raised from the Bridge Day will go directly to providing our services within the area.

“It is activities such as these that enable us to continue to support the community and we couldn’t be more thankful to Gertie.”

For more on services provided by St Barnabas Hospice, visit www.stbarnabashospice.co.uk or search for St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice on Facebook.